Weight loss strategies, weight loss diets, weight loss programs or how to lose weight fast, hands up if you are guilty of googling at least one of these in the recent past.

At Daria Tiesler Wellness, there are no two identical weight loss strategies when helping our clients. Our approach is individualised and every client us receives personalised care that always addresses the root causes of her or his weight gain.


How can Functional Medicine help with weight loss?

Functional Medicine is using science-based strategies to help you lose weight and goes beyond calories in and out theory. 

In our clinic, we see clients who:

a)      had, in fact, used low calorie, low carbohydrates and low-fat dieting in the past without obtaining any of the expected results

b)      had lost an initial amount of weight and later reached a never-ending weight loss plateau.


Most of our weight loss clients confront with other health problems such as Hashimoto thyroiditis, Hypothyroidism, IBS, Adrenal hypo or hyper functions, PCOS, Metabolic Syndrome, Pre-diabetes, Hypertension, Hypo and Hyperglycemia, Depression and Anxiety, and Menopause. Although, many of them may have not been initially aware of it, these conditions play a great effect on one person’s ability to see weight loss results.

These specific conditions must be addressed at the first line therapy and our clients get comprehensive education about the connection between their health issues and their weight loss difficulties. 

Every weight loss program that we tailor embraces a holistic approach, it is thoroughly detailed, easy to understand and involves lots of support from our team through health coaching sessions, mindfulness classes, frequent review sessions, email support and progress assessment.

Briefly, when designing your weight loss program, you should expect us to take into consideration the following:

  1. Age

  2. Gender

  3. Body Type: Android and Gynoid

  4. Body composition

  5. Your personal story

  6. Lifestyle

  7. Medical history

  8. Nutritional status

  9. Exercise level

  10. Stress management

  11. Genetic predisposition

  12. Hormonal imbalances

  13. Thyroid and adrenal functions

  14. Digestive insufficiencies and food allergies/ sensitivities/ intolerances

  15. Chronic inflammation

  16. Toxic exposure and detoxification

  17. Stages of Insulin Resistance

  18. Mitochondrial functions

  19. Sleep habits

  20. Dental health

  21. Readiness to change

  22. Eating habits

  23. Emotional health

  24. Functional Laboratory Testing Results


The satisfaction you may get from working with us means a lot to us. Therefore, we shall always go the extra mile to keep you accountable all the way through your health journey.


Please be aware that our weight loss programs are not meant to offer quick fixes and put your body through more stress and struggles. We only work with clients that are keen on seeing real, sustainable change, who want to take their health to the next level, and are open to a functional approach to addressing their health problems.


Our holistic and personalised weight loss programs may expand over at least 12 weeks and require your commitment and focus for the best results. You can expect lots of support and education that will help you to connect with your whole body and mind.


During the years, we have learned that our clients are worried about  feeling lonely or not fully understood at times, when on their way to a better health. When joining Daria Tiesler Wellness you will feel supported all the way through the process.


Book your 20 min free initial consultation to discuss with us your health story and find out how our Personalised Weight Loss Programs can support your health and life.

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Disclaimer: Always seek expert advice from a medical professional regarding what tests to take and how to approach your situation or health problem, especially before beginning a new weight management or exercise program.