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It is about choices you make everyday.

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Daria helped improve my health as a young woman. She helped me to get to the bottom of my health issues such a PCOS, irregular periods or no periods at all and depression and anxiety. She provides a holistic approach to my health and fitness that has improved my lifestyle.

Caroline P.

Daria takes a holistic approach to managing health and wellbeing. The retreat offers a learning experience around food types, group exercise, walking, cycling and yoga. Beautifully prepared food and due to no caffeine, no sugar, no gluten I came back with new energy and weight loss! I feel so much better and having cleared some energetic blocks, I begin to live my life differently! Thank you, Daria!

Andrea K.

I attended Daria's wellness retreat in Spain last October. It was amazing. Fabulous location, amazingly healthy food, yoga daily, plus a host of other activities and workshops. I recommend it to anyone who wants to take a week to nourish their mind and body. Daria is an authentic and knowledgeable wellness expert who genuinely cares about her client's wellbeing.


My physique and strength as an athlete have not only improved, but my overall health and wellness have too. Previously I was getting frequent cold, and flu, but I have gone through my first winter season with only a few minor ones.


                    Mary P.

I spent years trying to lose weight! I thought I was doing and eating the right things, until I came across Daria, and with few tests, she understood exactly what was happening in my body (Hashimoto disease). With a personalized, planned elimination diet and exercise, I'm finally starting to lose weight and hopefully reverse the disease. Daria is well prepared, straight to the point, professional and understanding, I would definitely recommend her!


                    Puneet R.

I went to see Daria a few months ago following a recommendation and she is amazing. She is so knowledgable and enthusiastic about what she does. I work out 3-4 times a week but have been struggling with losing weight, and often suffered from digestion problems. This has improved since I have been seeing Daria and following her nutrition and supplement recommendations. I have more energy and I am sleeping better. Daria listened to what I wanted to achieve but also picked up on what I didn't even know I needed, and tailored a regime which is designed to improve my long-term overall health. I cannot praise or recommend her highly enough.

My health improved regarding diet and overall strength. I have also been more efficient in my training, and I have been gluten free for over two years now with no more skin problem on my legs. Daria helped me to live a life healthier in general.

                   Saira H.

I have improved symptoms of my gut health after following Daria's regime, which has helped a lot! I would recommend functional medicine therapy and Daria who has gone out of her way for me each time and is an amazing person.

               Samantha W.

Daria is simply amazing. After years of no periods and hormone imbalances, 6 weeks of supplement and support from Daria changed what no doctor could. I got my periods back and hormones balanced, all on natural, good quality products (no longer on HRT at 35!). Daria also goes above and beyond for her clients and takes and interest in your overall wellbeing. I finally feel like a woman again! Thank you, Daria!

                 Lorraine B.

Daria has helped me understand the root causes of my health issues including migraines and digestive problems. With her help, these issues have largely ceased, which is a fantastic result. I highly recommend Daria for a broad range of support to improve health and wellness.

                  Pete K.

I cannot recommend Daria highly enough. She helped me to go through all the process of reducing inflammation, getting rid of bad bacteria in my gut and, as a result, making me leaner and much more energetic. Her advice on all natural , herbal supplementation was spot on and I really felt the difference every step of the way. Thank you very much Daria!

                   Varsha P.

Daria has brought huge changes to my nutrition and fitness. I was seriously going downhill, despondent about my weight, my reflux and many other problems. Daria has been a God sent. Highly professional, full of knowledge and happy to share her knowledge with her clients wholeheartedly. Highly recommend her to anyone. It will change your life - it did mine!

                   Roxy C.

I can truly say that since I met Daria my life is different.
I was struggling to stay focused , lacking energy and, even though I was training hard, I couldn't get much results. My problem was inside, and I didn't know until I met her.
She took care of my with passion for her job and this friendly way that I personally love.
I feel better now and she's always there to guide me and make sure I'm okay.
Now I can say I am happy and I can finally see results of all my efforts in the gym , I have energy, I don't feel sick or tired after eating, the bloating is gone , digestion is perfect I kept thinking how I could have lived so long time like that .

Sharika A.

Daria has helped me immensely by completely overhauling my bad food habits that had caused me so many health complications. She helped me manage my lupus/endometriosis and chronic inflammation to the point where I didn't need anymore surgery or medication. I still seek her advice about everything from tiredness to hair problems!

           Despina G.


I felt very excited getting down to my ideal weight - but the best part of it is that now, 2 years later, I am still at my ideal weight. I feel like a million dollars both physically and mentally. 

                   Enid W.

I just wanted to make some progress, and to see results in my body. I lost lots of fat very quickly. I am much stronger, and all of my old clothes are too big. Daria tailored the nutrition plan to help me support my body’s weaknesses, such as digestion.

                   Susan F.

I was diagnosed with type II diabetes and started oral medication, with Daria I was learning about myself and taking charge of my own destiny. I got strength back into my soul and the energy in my mind. 

                  Bert B.

I  met Daria following a period of training with Ultimate Performance gym. I was concerned  that my metabolism was under-performing and this was affecting the quality of my sleep, my energy levels, the consistency of my moods throughout the day and ultimately my ability to keep unwanted weight off. Daria worked with me to understand the issues through consultations and advising on appropriate external  tests. Unfortunately, at this time I caught a virus which severely affected my energy levels for several months and Daria was integral in advising on a diet and a range of supplements to help my immune system, aid recovery and improve energy levels in the short-term. I have no doubt that that this contributed to me recovering faster than I otherwise would have and also being able to continue to work (at least to some extent) while I was ill. Now I've recovered, Daria has worked with me to re-formulate my diet and supplements to continue to aid recovery while also looking to fix issues that were identified during the diagnostic tests. I look forward to ever improving levels of energy and good health.

                  Hannah F.

When I met Daria my body and mind were in a completely dysfunctional state. To the outside world I seemed like the picture of health and happiness; weight training four times a week, eating "clean" and managing a career and family.

The reality couldn't have been further from the thruth. I was constantly tired, I had systemic inflammation, my periods had stopped and I was dealing with an eating disorder. I felt like I was trapped in a body and mind that I no longer understood and no matter how hard I tried, they wouldn't cooperate with me.

Daria worked out a plan of action and explained that it wasn't going to be a "quick fix", but if I trusted in the process and listened to my body, change would be inevitable. I was nervous but willing, and six months on I am completely different person. My energy is up, my periods are regular, my inflammation has lessened but more importantly I now have a much healthier relationship with food. 

                  Anna V.

Daria is a very deep and interesting person that inspires me and enjoy coaching sessions with her a lot.

When we had our first session I was in a such point in my life where I had way too many chaotic ideas that weren't leading me anywhere. Daria helped me to structure them and choose the directions I should focus on. It was so important to finally stop thinking and start doing! She made me realize that is a lot better to take small steps instead of wanting everything straightaway and pointed me out a way how I could do something that I had put aside for a very long time.



I had been dealing with digestive problems for months on end before meeting Daria, and now I feel much better. She has helped me so much both mentally and physically. She is very determined to provide a tailored and precise healing plan for her patients. Moreover, her energy and brightness is contagious, and her partner Manel is as efficient and helpful as her!




I am forever grateful to have found Daria and I can't recommend her enough! If we all would know/think of functional, nutritional medicine and a holistic approach to health more, I trust we would be much more happier and healthier. What I love about Daria's work is a very careful and individual approach to the client. She takes time to explain things to you, even if they might not be clear from the start. Moreover, before prescribing to me any treatment, we did all the necessary tests and waited for results. She chose the right treatment for me, so I could fit it to my lifestyle, which is always helpful and makes it easier to stick to the plan. Together with Manel they made me feel very looked after and supported me each time I had questions or needed encouragement. Huge thank you both!