Daria Tiesler Wellness is an integrated wellness brand that focuses on creating and delivering the best possible results and experiences of your journey to living a longer and healthier life. It is a bespoke and personalised approach to health and life, grounded in nutritional science , lifestyle, fitness, functional ;anti-ageing and metabolic medicine, performance coaching and ancient healing traditions. Daria's programs are an innovative holistic solution for you and your closest family and friends, people you care about and you are inspired to offer them something special that has a power to transform their life for better.




Our team share a common vision that advocates of personalised and preventative healthcare. Several reasons, including Daria's owns health concerns as well as for relatives and friends, and stories of her weight loss and chronically ill clients determined her to bring her vision to you.

Daria's work experience with addressing the root cause of weight gain in the very early stages of her work as a Personal Trainer was a very effective way of understanding the kind of help clients need in order to lose weight.

When you are sick you have low energy, low motivation, you feel drained and unhappy... is that right? What are the chances you will look for a new job or a go to play with your kids or even carry on with your hobbies?

The most common scenario is that you will eat more junk food, exercise less, you might even avoid friends and family and your motivation for change will just deplete.

When you are in your optimum health… you will want to lift mountains, your eyes shine and what is the most important you will want to give back this inner power and make others to feel the way you feel.

And that is why it has become a huge passion of our team to empower and inspire people to live healthier lives so they suffer less later in life and achieve their goals.

Our “why”

Daria Tiesler Wellness is making a stand for bravery, truth and holistic practices in the health and wellness industry. 

1.       We believe health is a combination of genetic, lifestyle and environmental factors that are deeply unique and individual to each person

2.       We believe in solving the root cause of a problem, not the symptom

3.       We believe true change can only be achieved by addressing both internal and external factors

4.       We promote metabolic, lifestyle and functional and nutritional medicine as a long-term, sustainable solutions to chronic illness and disease as well as weight loss.

5.       We recognise holistic health and wellbeing is only achieved by addressing the balance, alignment and relationship between the mind, body and spirit

6.       We stand for self-discovery and personalised wellness that brings you back to your most authentic self. 

7.       We do not believe in perfection, but we do believe in thorough education.

8.       We will not facilitate therapy, coaching or training that is not sustainable and for the long-term benefit of a client – no shortcuts or quick fixes

9.       We do not judge, compete or compare you to societies standards of size, weight or appearance. Your work with us is always done with integrity, respect and completely customised to you and your goals

10.   We believe in you. Your truth and your awakening and connection to your mind, body and soul truest potential. We are here to facilitate and support you in achieving your goals

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