Yin and Yang, how can it benefit your digestion post Christmas meals

I often experience people only pay attention to one aspect of their health and are not aware of the rest. However, all our systems are closely linked and exist to support each other. I think I did mention the Yin and Yang that thrive in balance as a natural example for this.


I would like to come back briefly to THE FIRE element, your digestive power. I hope that by now you are more aware how this aspect works in your body and your mind. Otherwise, you may wish to go back to the post at my Instagram account and check the yellow triangle where I talk about our inner drives and digestive fire.


Let's move on...

One of the reasons why I often talk about self-discovery and personal growth is because when we do things for ourselves in accordance to our own desire to fulfill our values and reasons, only then we will mostly benefit from it and get lasting results.

Doing things from an inauthentic place or lack of self- care are not going to last too long. Most of the people will soon get bored and start getting "0" results from their actions.
Can this be the reason why so many people continue their struggle with the food relationship and are moving from one diet to another? Are they perhaps trying to find a fulfillment that they might miss in real life, while food is such a great and tasty way to fill that gap or even suppress your authentic inner calling for self-actualisation?


In Functional Medicine we are saying "If you do not know where to start, start with your gut". I also would encourage you to reassess you gut health to actually benefit from the food you eat.

Do you know that your digestion process begins from your brain before you even have food in your mouth?

Therefore I would encourage you to try a mindful eating practice from today.


Sit down in a quiet space, maybe you have someone to the share this meal with.
Take a few calm and conscious breaths before you actually, begin the ritual of eating. Don't rush, enjoy. And try to feel every bite. When you finish, express your gratitude for the moment and go back to your to your things...

Hey, this is your new ritual...?

Enjoy your winter season

Daria x

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