How to transform women's health: cover interview with Daria

Being a healthy woman means more than standing on a weight scale and seeing the correct number...but, unfortunately many women I see in my clinical practice always relate to a number on the weight scale. For sure, that is one way to measure your health status but I also would encourage you to take into consideration your body composition, digestive health, sleeping hygiene, nutrition, emotional health and daily activity level. 

Over last 10 years I was growing into the idea of health and body being more than just what we experience outside of ourselves. I mean the physical self.  I have been working with many female clients and I would like to share with you few insides on  how to transform women's health.

"Being a healthy women isn't about going on a scale and measuring your waistline. We need to start focusing on what matters- on how we feel and how we feel about ourselves." Michelle Obama


1. Why is female functional health so specific?

I have been working with female clients for more than 10 years now. At the beginning it was Personal Training that exposed me to the weight loss struggles that women experienced.  I was not sure why, but despite implementing personalised weight loss program, women specifically would experience more bloating, more digestive upsets, more emotional eating issues, or sudden sugar cravings. Later on, when I started to practice Nutrition Therapy that is based on Functional Medicine approach, everything began to make sense. Women suffer differently to men when it comes to many health conditions, I am not only talking about weight loss, but heart disease, alcohol abuse, mental health, stroke, urinary tract infections, osteoarthritis. More women than men will be affected by autoimmune conditions and we must think about all set of issues with reproductive health and pregnancy complications.

However, I do not want what I am saying to be misinterpreted as “women’s health is more important than men” – certainly not! Actually, in my functional medicine nutrition clinic I see an increase number of male clients. I just would like to clarify and highlight that we need to take a more personalised approach which takes into consideration gender , age and life stage when writing a prescription for nutrition , exercise and lifestyle.

2. Why are you so passionate about this type of work?

Daria Tiesler Wellness is dedicated to promote health and life span as well as long lasting transformations of our clients. 

Why I am passionate about it?

I just love to see women ready to take actions to transform their lives. I think that health is too often undervalued and a forgotten treasure that actually enables you to live life to the fullest and reach your own potentials. 

I definitely see health as a treasure!

When you are sick you have low energy, low motivation, you drain and unhappy... right? What are the chances you will look for a new job or a go to play with your kids or even do your hobbies?

The most common scenario is that you will eat more junk food, exercise less, you might even avoid friends and family and your motivation for change will just decrease

When you are in your optimum health… you will want to lift mountains, your eyes shine and what is the most important you will want to give back this inner power and make others to feel the way you feel.

My passion is to make you feel:











And Just be yourself!

3. Is there an underlying problem you find with most female clients that holds them back from achieving their health and well-being goals?

That is a big question indeed. I would divide them into 3 categories: they have struggles with the body, mind and heart

For one woman making a healthy meal can be the main reason she cannot lose weight however, some other might have bad digestive health or another female can experience  lack of sleep. Those causes have also underlying cause: possibly someone does not want to make a healthy meal because she doesn't like to cook just for herself. The woman with digestive issues such as constipation and bloating might have a food sensitivity or bacteria that trigger her gut lining and cause IBS symptoms and yet another one with sleeping issues might be under lots of stress that contribute to her infertility.

Body struggles that Functional Medicine Nutrition can help you with:

Hormonal: premenstrual syndromes, infertility , PCOS , hypothyroidism or PMS

Energy production: low energy, fatigue or weight gain or weight loss

Digestive: bloating, constipation, IBS or food sensitivity

Immunity: psoriasis , rheumatoid arthritis or hashimoto thyroiditis


Mind struggles:

Emotional eating, depression, anxiety, low confidence, body image issue, eating disorders


Heart Struggles:

Connection with yourself and others, self-love and self-care, relationships, compassion and forgiveness, transformation and change, power within, integrity and empathy.



4. Why is mental and emotional health so important?

Mental health is a foundation pillar of health.

"Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community" ( WHO)

Emotions can control your thinking, behaviour and actions. Once so called bad emotions appear into your life it can be detrimental to your own mental health especially if you are not accepting them and allow yourself to feel them as they are, they can cause illnesses for example anxiety or eating disorder.

A repressed emotion if not fully felt can become trapped in your body but sooner or later will want to come out on the surface and this can damage your relationships with those around you and also your relationship with yourself.

Certain emotions are taboo in certain societies around the world and expressing them in public can be seen as someone with mental health problems. On the other hand allowing those emotions to flow from your body will allow you to become a more conscious, centred and fulfilled human being. 

5. What does holistic health mean to you?

Holistic health... hmmmmmm... I am so excited about this question because only a few years ago I was told to stop thinking holistically, stop thinking mind & body, do not use the word soul when talking about health and just focus on fitness and exercise regimes as the only modality to make you look good and feel good about yourself. At that time, I was growing into the idea of health and body being more than just what we experience outside of ourselves. I mean the physical self.

I saw my personal training clients getting better and looking better but there was something missing. It was a common amongst my female clients to feel not whole or complete despite losing the kilos.

My curiosity became so strong especially when I was struggling with my own health even when I was training hard and eating reasonably well. So, I decided to learn about clinical nutrition and coaching strategies to be able to create a personalised programs that will support my female clients from inside out.  

I discovered several issues relating to some of my female clients ’ lifestyles; they were not sleeping well, the nutrition despite fitting macros were still poor in nutrients, the exercises they were doing were actually putting their health at risk, they lacked relaxation after a busy day at work which was a very common thread for them and finally I have discovered that many of them were unhappy with who they were and that their relationship with their body and the food they ate was unhealthy. This was an eye opening experience for me.

So for me, Holistic health means addressing your health as a whole; your physical, emotional and mental state as well as the way you are within your close social circles, your relationship and, your life purpose.

This is how we at Daria Tiesler Wellness work with you and your health struggles. We specialise in chronic and lifestyle related health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, chronic and unexplained pains, we support female health issues: thyroid problems, unexplained weight gain, PCOS, endometriosis, premenstrual health PMS, pre-conception and pregnancy health, anaemia, fatigue or low energy. We also recognise the huge importance of the gut health in relation to any other disease that you might experience such as mental health issues, allergies, and skin and immunity problems.

Making sure that we fulfil our promise to deliver holistic results, our personalised programs are supported by coaching strategies and stress management tools to help you overcome obstacles on the way to achieving better health.

6. Why did you turn to functional medicine?

Because of several reasons; my vision for health prevention, my own health struggles and health concerns for relatives and friends, and stories of my clients. My work experiences to address the root cause of weight loss in the really early stages of my work as a PT was very effective way to help them lose weight and a huge passion of mine to empower and inspire my clients to live healthier lifestyle so they suffer less later on in life.

Hmmm.... I also feel.... a bit reflection is coming now...

In my high school I was always pretty interested in biology and if I did not choose the path of professional sport I feel, I would end up going to medical school. However, at that time, I dreamt of becoming a professional handball player hence I went to study at Academy of Physical Education and Sport. What was very interesting is that my field of study, Public Health and Prevention of Health was the number one subject.

I love how preventive medicine takes a person as a whole into consideration and creates a personalised therapeutic program that takes into account a client's story: genetic predisposition, environment that they are in, triggers and mediators of symptoms, social relationship, past traumas and overall it is a very educational journey for a client to work with a Functional Medicine Practitioner.


So to give you a few lasting tips:

  • personalised your nutrition program
  • consider your digestive health when you are on a weight loss program
  • nurture your sleeping hygiene for healthy hormonal balance
  • health is a treasure and it will help you to fulfil your life purpose
  • self - care and connect with yourself and others
  • balance your emotional health by letting your emotions flow through you. Then Breath in and out
  • be your own health advocate


Living brave, living strong, living free


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