The 5 key benefits of hiring a health coach

Hello readers hoping you’re all well! And guess what… today is a great day because it’s a blog post day, a day when I can share my passion with you and share with you some information that can help improve your life. I’m very excited for you to read this blog, so let’s get started!

But before we look at the benefits of coaching I want to share two definitions of coaching to establish what we are talking about:

“Coaching is a form of a conversation between the coach and the coachee that need to have certain qualities such as respect, openness, compassion, empathy and a commitment to speaking the truth.”(1)

Also, Curly Martin an intuitive life coach nicely sums up what coaching is - “life coaching is a holistic process that has the power to balance and harmonise life”

Now we have briefly touched upon what coaching is, let’s dive in deeper to gain an insight on the benefits of coaching and what it has to offer you.

Benefit 1 – It will help you get clarity and focus

Setting up a goal can be just as challenging as creating a plan that will guide you towards achieving it. The health coach is there to help you discover what is important to you and why, and to understand the values that formed the foundations of your life which influence and trigger your choices, behaviours, and emotions. (2)

The mission of a health coach is to be with you on your journey and assist you towards getting clarity when moments of doubts arise. And it is important to remember there are no shortcuts or perfect time to start your health goal setting. If you are unsure where and when to begin or what steps to take, having a health coach can help bring clarity and focus during those mind boggling moments.

Benefit 2 – Health coaching will help you to become aware of your self-limiting beliefs

Self-limiting beliefs are a big part of your human experience, from the moment you are born up to the present day. Yes, even geniuses such as Shakespeare had to overcome self-limiting patterns and thoughts of low self-esteem. People all around you are saturated with their own self-limiting beliefs which more often than you would like to think, are imprinted onto you. This does not give you a good reason to blame others for what has happened to you, instead it should empower you to change the way you think.

When self-limiting beliefs seep into your daily life, you might not even question it because these beliefs may come from the people you think to be more experienced in life or older than you, and you think they have all the answers to the questions that arise within you.

Do you have any negative beliefs about yourself? Well, STOP RIGHT THERE because a negative belief about yourself does not serve you. What then is missing in the entire puzzle of overcoming such self-limiting beliefs?

The only person between you and your self-limiting beliefs is you. Whenever someone in your environment tells you that you are not good enough for this or that, remember you always have the choice to allow these statements become a part of your reality or the choice to let it empower you to rise above the negativity and live the life you wish. The concept of creating healthy boundaries is very important and it is something I would like to discuss further in a future blog.

The way you talk to yourself on a daily basis can definitely hinder or enable you to achieve your goals (3). A coach will help you to become more aware and open your heart towards your intuition which has the power to nurture and cultivate positive beliefs, and in return it will inspire you to begin the quest to your success.

Benefit 3 – Encourage possibility, learning and solution thinking

As mentioned earlier in benefit 1, health coaching will help you to achieve your goal however, a coach is not going to give you a solution in regards to how you should go about it; this is not the role of the health coach.

The role of the health coach is to encourage you to think about the different possibilities in regards to a problem or a goal you are trying to resolve or achieve. The coach will do this by asking powerful probing questions that will make you think and create answers (4).

The more questions you are asked will help you to work towards finding the answers or solutions to achieve your goals. The coach will follow up with questions, not only in those moments of flow but also during the moments when you are stuck. Active listening plus tactful questioning is a skill that you and your growth will benefit from (4).

Benefits of Hiring a health coach.png


Benefit 4 – Health coaching creates accountability

Health coaching creates accountability between you and the coach. For instance, you go to a coaching session to work on your health goals and then you create a series of steps that you are going to take. Then you go home to put into practice those steps. Along the way, you are successful in taking some small steps towards your goal but you also have some setbacks. In your next session you discuss with your coach what you did or didn’t achieve, you celebrate those small or big wins, and then create different strategies for the obstacles you encountered on the way.

The important thing in this working relationship is that you are kept in check by your coach the moment you set up a coaching session, create the goals, and set up a plan for yourself. At the end of the day, this is essential otherwise you wouldn’t start in the first place, and the coach is there to ensure you remain accountable for what is important; your goals.

Benefit 5 – A health coach will celebrate with you the failures and setbacks

Failure is largely seen as a negative thing in our society. We think of failures as something to be ashamed of, and we often hide away when we make mistakes, and then to feel good we make excuses and avoid taking risks because we fear to fail again.

A health coach will not make you feel guilty for the mistakes you might make. A coach will celebrate your mistakes and failures the same way with your successes. Your journey towards achieving your goals will have obstacles, and the coach knows this. The coach also knows that failure and mistakes are full of lessons which will have a positive impact on your continuous growth and the journey towards achieving your goals (1).


So these are the 5 key benefits of hiring a health coach, and what’s even more amazing is that coaching comes with many more benefits than those mentioned in this blog post. The moment you decide to have your first session with a health coach you are already taking beneficial steps towards improving your life.

Remember the coach is there to help YOU achieve your goals, create accountability towards yourself, spark a thought process of all the possibilities, stimulate learning experiences, bring awareness of the self-limiting beliefs holding you back, and celebrate achievements and failures.

So what are you waiting for? Visualise a goal, bring passion to it, setup strategies to follow, make the changes necessary to fulfil your needs, and if that means hiring a coach go for it!

Yours in Health,