Mindset for sustainable weight loss

Summer is upon us with temperatures rising and clothes are coming off due to the heat. However, for many people, especially women, this season can be a love or hate relationship as this means bathing suit season. Working with women for over 12 years, almost everyone’s main goal is to lose weight.

Is losing weight priority for you?

As a personal trainer and nutritionist, I know that to lose weight it takes more than simply counting calories and exercising as each person is unique. One of the first steps I take is to understand your current lifestyle and mindset. Together we will find the root cause of your weight issues and to find out why you’re struggling to lose that last 5, 10, 15 pounds.

Are you a yo-yo dieter? Do you over-exercise? Dreaming of a tummy tuck?

I have witnessed countless times of quick attempts such as a “magic weight loss pill” or extreme exercising or protein shakes in place of meals, fail miserable because it wasn’t sustainable and any weight that was lost has returned. It doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve helped numerous women find the right program that works for their bodies so they can keep the weight off. I want to offer you support individually and within my private facebook community.

I offer a sustainable program that will address your whole self and identify areas you can improve without starvation, following a diet that is not specific to your body, or depriving yourself of activities or foods.

Within this program I will help you stay on track and offer you insights and supports during the times you struggle the most. I often hear from my clients, family, friends, and even my dear husband; "Daria, when you are around all is possible. You are helping me to stay on track and you are always easy to approach and talk to.”

I too have had my moments of struggle yet what helps me to stay on top of my game is my mindset. My mindset is that I will never give up on myself which I also transfer to my clients and community as I encourage you to stay focused and not give up on yourself. Together we are meant to thrive to be and live healthy.

What creates a winning mindset?

To create a mindset to be a winner is to find someone you can model or follow who inspires you and empowers you to be the best version of yourself. Two of my favorite mentors that I use as inspiration, are Anthony Robbins and Dr. Deanna Minich from Food and Spirit. I have also found that being in an empowering community is also effective, therefore I have established a private Facebook group for women.

Building a community of game changers

Authentic Lady has been created to inspire you to learn and educate yourself about your body signs and how to read them. You will be able to self- discover your own way and discuss your progress along the way.  You will also be surrounded by other women who may be struggling with the same issues or have already overcome them and wanting to support others.

In this confidential Facebook community you will have access to me, a nutritionist and physical trainer, and integrated body- mind coach to ask questions about why you are not seeing the results you truly want. If you’re currently in a training program, you can ask if this is the right one for you. We can discuss nutrition, progress, supplements, and best exercises for targeted weight loss. I want to see you and succeed.

Becoming an active participant of your health and life includes lifestyle changes, a winning mindset, and a mentor/community which I have found are the basic tools that will assist you in reaching your ideal weight that works best for your body type.

Take a chance now and join the Authentic Lady Health and Living community and you’ll learn more about my work and how we could benefit from working together.

If you’re ready to get started and learn about my individual programs and services I invite you to a complimentary 30 minute breakthrough coaching session with me via skype. We will discuss your goals and what has worked or not worked thus far.

Take the first step towards establishing a winning mindset by emailing me at daria@dariatiesler.com. I want to learn more about you and how I can be of support to you.

Yours in health and wellness

Daria x

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