..It is all about personal self - discovery..

I’m so grateful and happy that it finally happened….

My first Health and Mind - Body retreat in Marbella, Spain.

The main idea behind it was to showcase the holistic approach to healing which I believe in the perspective is the most powerful way to maintain great health and prevent diseases.  I have combined my knowledge and experience as a Nutritional Therapist, Performance Coach and Personal Trainer and teachingsby Deanna Minich - 7 Systems of Health to create this program that can teach modern women how to effectively and in a stress free way fulfill the desire for a healthy looking body, energetic and sharp mind, overall well being, happiness and ability to enjoy theirlife.

Sounds too good to be true? Surprisingly for many, these are all the pleasant “side effects” that you can get when you become aware and educated about the processes happening inside you. Listening to your body and nourishing it in a right way can help you to improve the digestion, strengthen the immune system to stay away from colds and illnesses and reverse hormonal health to its optimum working capacity. 


If you are my client then you already know that I would always swear by the Hippocrates approach tohealth. He proposed to look at a human’s body as a whole, carefully observing one’s mind, emotional state and even surroundings that very often can be quite poisonous for the body. Our thoughts and beliefs are parts of the well - being.  So if you really wants to be healthy, you should always keep this in mind and practice self - compassion as a way to "cleanse" the heart and bring peace to the mind.

My personal intention for this retreat was to give all that I possibly could to make ladies feel that they are cared for, loved for who they are and experience that deep sense of belonging… I was actually astonished by observing how the community of women can empower each other on the way to healing. All the ladies had their individual intentions, different personal needs and body shapes. But together they were able to manifest that in a much more powerful way.

I think that quote from Brene Brown’sbook “Rising Strong” would be a great fit:

“This journey belongs to no one but you;


however, no one successfully goes it alone”

Every day we had a different theme and varying activities. These 6 days retreat was primarily based on the Food and Spirit, 7 System of Health by Deanna Minich. Which is aimed at the personal growth and educates about food and nutrition in a completely different way. This program brings together modern nutritional science and Eastern traditions like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine. I have added my professional knowledge, experience and best practices of Nutritional Therapy, Life Coaching, Personal Training as well as invited a team of amazing coaches, healers and holistic practitioners to help me in creating this 6-day immersive experience in healthy lifestyle...

This was a great start and for future I hope that this program will continue to grow and help women to become brave to be themselves in everything they do in life, embrace the inner beauty, find the personal journey to wellbeing, give the right knowledge to re-educate themselves about the best eating practices and clear their mind from any contradictory information that’s flooding the media and internet.

I would like to conclude today by expressing my gratitude to the team of big-hearted and incredible people with backgrounds in yoga, sport, functional nutrition, heart base coaching that helped me so much and played a huge part in success of this retreat.

Once again thank you to:

Louise                 http://atruelifestyle.com

Ania                    http://instagram.com/anpiyo

Manel                  http://instagram.com/manel_mind_body_coach

Anna                    https://www.instagram.com/annavoii/


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