Decisions, decisions, decisions...

Have you struggled with making a decision and therefore feel stuck and unsure how to move forward?

There are so many options which guarantee that making a decision is not an easy task, especially if others are involved.  Not everyone will love the decision you make for maybe it’s not part of their plan for your life.


Then who is really responsible for decision making in your own life, you or someone else?


You are not alone as I too have struggled to find my way at one time. I looked to others for solutions  because there was a time when finding my way took time, my energy, made me cry and felt frustrated. It was a challenging journey and I fell off the path due to others expectations. I sought to fulfill someone else’s needs and dreams thus putting my own in a less important position.

Eventually, I became unhappy as I realized I lost sight of my own path.

Sound familiar?

One of the biggest fears that had paralyzed me to speak out loud about what I want from my life was a fear of judgement. What will someone think of me?  

However, at one point I asked myself “where is my authenticity in what I do if I do not show myself.”

So I said to myself, Daria, you know what, you have the right to live your life the way you think is best.” I have always believed that if I didn’t like something then go ahead and change it.

Sound familiar?

I have learned over the years on how to focus on being authentic and true to myself based on my beliefs and my values.

So now I have found my path and am finally speaking my truth as I stopped behaving like all is well even when it was not. I have learned that no one will respect me until I do started respecting myself.

My path is to share with you my journey and to help you make those challenging decisions. I would like you to think of yourself as a powerful and resourceful human being, who has full capability to follow your own path. Let it be, what has to be.

Life is a teacher, every day ,and every minute. Making mistakes is part of the journey and it is how you build strong foundations.

My message to you is that you embrace yourself and your truth. Focus on forgiving anyone who has hurt you or who could not understand your motives that shaped your decisions. You have an important message to be heard, your own.

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Daria x

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