Calming bath recipe you wish you knew about

I love taking a long bath and you?

I am sure you do gorgeous lady, who does not.

What do you know about bathing?

"As in a lot of things medieval bathing was by some seen as a form of sexual debauchery and by others seen as letting the devil into you. It was also widely believed that being naked and letting the water touch you would make you severely ill. (1)

"The Romans were famous for their baths, and they brought them even into Gaul and Britain. While Roman manors often had their own smaller private bath-houses, the Roman public generally frequented relatively inexpensive public baths. By the peak of their popularity, they included hot and cold rooms, and medium-temperature lounging rooms with a variety of extra services such as food, wine and exercise.  At different points in the history of Rome, baths were gender segregated by place or time, while at other times the bathing was mixed. (Fagan, Bathing in Public in the Roman World)" (2)

Are you feeling overwhelmed with your life, work, health, family responsibilities?


Today my idea for you is to share a " Calming Herbal Bath " recipe I have found in an herbal recipe book called "The Domestic Alchemist 505 Herbal Recipes for Home, Health & Happiness"  by Pip Waller.(3)


Use one generous handful of any of these herbs ( or mix two or more of them)

Camomile flowers

Lavender buds

Rose petals

Lemon balm leaves

You will need:

A stocking or thin sock

Make & Keeps:

Make enough for one bath. If using dried herbs, you can prepare in advance; the dry mix will keep for one year.


Place the herbs in a stocking or thin sock and knot it at the end to make an herbal bath bag. Tie it so that the hot water runs over it as you fill the bath. Fill the bath completely with hot water, then let it cool to a comfortable temperature. Squeeze the herbal bath bag to increase the strength of the infusion.

My usual bath is a mix of Epsom salts and lavender oil however I found this one so inviting.

Give yourself a MINI SPA day and let it go.

Heartful wishes

Daria x

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2. The Domestic Alchemist 505 Herbal Recipes for Home, Health & Happiness"  by Pip Waller 2015