Being real in life.

Within my practice as a health coach, personal trainer, and functional medicine nutrition practitioner I am honored to empower and assist my female clients by offering empathy, support, and understanding. Now I want to take a step further and bring women together into an Authentic Lady Health and Living Private Facebook Community. In this group we would be able to share our life paths and happily communicate different stories with unique solutions.

When I think of community, my tribe, they are people who are authentic in their struggles and hopeful as they fulfill themselves through sharing resources, support, and empathy to others. I know that positive and encouraging communities empower us to stay on track with our life purpose and help us facilitate the change and create a long lasting transformation.

When I think of the group Authentic Lady Health and Living Community, I envision learning about real stories of authentic women; mothers, daughters, sisters, business women, wives.

In this community I will share information that clears confusion about personal and professional growth, education about healthy lifestyle and food, sustainable weight body weight or build up a positive body image and be available for questions.

Wouldn't it be amazing to become part of this tribe?

What would bring us together are the conversations about health and lifestyle choices which best resonate with you; mind, body, emotions, and soul. You can be sure that once part of it, you will be heard and supported in a respectful manner to yourself and the tribe.

I envision this community to be a "thinking environment" where everyone is heard and has " Time to Think" as stated by author and coach Nancy Klein. It is a coaching environment where you will feel safe and challenged as well in a loving way.

Why being part of a community will support your health and life journey?

Even though I love what I do as a healer and entrepreneur I do need from time to time positive energy from others to keep me going. Don't you?

I maintain connections with different tribes, such as Food and Spirit, a holistic health program I was certified in recently and a few others through social media. Even though I joined the Food and Spirit community for professional reasons I have met so many amazing and gifted women who have provided me with energy and inspiration. When I feel stressed or with low energy I know I can turn to my Food and Spirit community for support. As a practitioner I have also grown tremendously which is also positively creating the person I am today on a personal level.

Now I want to share this same experience with you for I believe that being part of my tribe will enhance your health and vitality.

So I invite you to take a chance and join my Authentic Lady Health and Living Community private Facebook group.

How is this community different from others?

My community is built to share the strategies to enable you to create a personalised action plan for your health and life. It is unique in a way of understanding lady like needs and desires. We will create  relationships that matter and your story will be listened to from beginning to the end. It is a real tribe of ladies lead by a real woman with an actual story. My community is about authenticity, vitality, and vision for yourself and your life.

"We must be willing to let go of living that is planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us" Joseph Campbell.

Join me today in the revolution for Authentic Ladies in Authentic Lady Health and Living Community

How to join my community:

Step number 1 : Click the link Authentic Lady Health and Living Community

Step number 2 : Login to your Facebook account

Step number 3 : The account will open on the Authentic Lady Health and Living group

Step number 4 : Join the group

Step number 5 : Please , also send a short message to and give a brief outline of what is your personal story and why you would like to join the community. You also can send a message from your facebook to Daria Tiesler. Just drop me a few line so I know who I bring to the group. I hope this is not too much that I ask for. Thank you in advance.

This process will enable our community to feel safe, secure and integrated.

Step number 6: Within 48 hours you will hear from me.

Thank you for spending your time with me. I look forward to seeing you in our Living Community.

Move. Nourish. Thrive Every Day.


P.S Please share it and invite your friends, mother, sister or workmate who might be struggling for a while with weight loss, or hormonal issues, body image, emotional eating or just need some support from minded community of authentic ladies.