1 Natural, simple and effective way to detox

Did you know that by protecting and enhancing your body’s detoxification and elimination mechanismyou boost your thyroid health?

What does this mean to you?

More energy and vitality

Faster metabolism and effective fat loss

Regular menstrual cycle

Shiny, strong and healthy looking hair

Positive and clear mind

Today I want to share something simple and easy to apply.

Today I want to share a technique that actually works.

Today I want to share something that will deepen your understanding  of your own body.


Did you know the environment you live in greatly determines your risk for thyroid health issues?

Truth is, you and your body are exposed, more than ever before, to environmental toxins that have shown to have a negative effect on your thyroid health.

If you are like a large number of households, plastics play a large part in your life. However,  did you know  that  Bisphenol A (BPA) a chemical in plastics may have a negative effect on thyroid functions in a woman such as affecting their hormone levels which in turn affect her body weight? (5,6)

In my e- book “Master your Thyroid in 5 Simple Steps " I discuss the endocrine system which is a collection of glands in your body, such as the thyroid gland, that have the capacity to release hormones into your body. This system also works with your nervous system and together they have the capability to control your body's functions such as your metabolism and moods.

So can environmental toxins be a reason why you cannot lose weight? Yes, it can! (7)

One of the ways you can protect your thyroid is through your liver. Unlike Western medicine which looks at each system separately, Integrative Medicine address the body as a whole, with everything, cells, organs and systems working together to keep you healthy. As a holistic health and functional nutrition practitioner I address all factors in your life and environment to understand why you  are struggling to lose weight or other issues you may have.  

Back to the liver. It is your main organ for detoxification along with your skin, kidney, and lungs.

One easy and simple way

With so many detoxes and options to release toxins on the market it can be confusing as to what to try first. I like to keep it simple with myself and my clients. My favorite ingredient comes from nature, milk thistle, an effective herb which support your body's natural detoxyfication mechanism.

I use milk thistle with my female and male clients along with this recipe to begin their home detox plan.


50 g / 2 oz Milk Thistle seeds, dried and ground

Makes 25-30 doses - 1 tsp is a dose

Store in a glass jar in a dark and cold place.


Option 1: Take 1 tsp stirred into 1/2 mug of warm water , 2 times daily

Option 2: Stir 1 tsp into your favorite breakfast smoothie:

For example : 1 tbs ground Milk Thistle 1/4 avocado, handful of  kale mix with spinach, 100g berries ,100 g raspberries, and  2 fresh dates. Blend all together

Suggested doses support basic maintenance of your health and if you feel you might need more personalised approach please book a nutrition consultation with me.

Start today and implement this effectiveway to protect your thyroid by supporting and regenerating your liver, your detox organ number1.


Would you like to learn more about detox or what detox really means? I would recommend reading the book " Whole Detox " by DR. Deanna Minich.


Heatful wishes


P.S I am letting my passion drive me as I am organising my first health - wellness retreat in Marbella, Spain.

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