Health coaching has recently gained more exposure, but not many are aware of its importance and how it can help throughout a health journey.


Coaching has essentially been defined as a one-to-one relationship, a process that facilitates learning, setting goals, taking action, enhancing experiences and performance. Extensive research talks about both short and long-term advantages of coaching, such as increased motivation, hope, purpose and levels of optimism, when used in a good balance with a solid strategy for reaching the client’s goals.

“Coaching has developed from a wide range of disciplines and is based on broad academic knowledge including cognitive and behavioural psychology, social science, positive psychology, and organizational change and development.”

It is common for businesses of any nature to hire coaches in order to help employees explore the best means to reaching their full potential. In a study conducted by Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2013, almost every single interrogated leader approved that receiving business support from a coach was helpful in developing or gaining new skills and personal growth. They viewed coaching as an investment rather than just a chit chat.

Still, collaborating with a coach for reaching health goals is pretty uncommon in the UK. Not many people understand how health coaching can indeed support self-awareness and promote self-care. In fact, health coaching may be just the right answer to so many of those who have invested so much in personal training, weight-loss programmes, diet pills, supplements and private health investigations, and still have never been able to stick with any of these and obtain the desired results.


Quick quiz: How many times did you buy into 8-week transformation plans, 10-day detox plans, jumped from diet to diet, and exercise routine to exercise routine? Now, how many times have you actually achieved the expected results?

The truth is that weight loss and being healthy in general takes much more than that. You do have to work your way from the inside out. The same as in the business example, setting targets or being pressured by your manager is not enough. You do have to identify your own goals and be genuinely determined to reach them. You do have to address limiting thoughts and tailor your journey around your own beliefs.

Health coaching programs can also have positive effects on mental health, smoking cessation, confidence levels, stress reduction, well-being and hope, performance improvement, goals and challenges identification.

I want you to start thinking of a health coach more as someone who can help you identify the ways in which you can move from the place where you are now to the place where you have always wanted to be. You are far more likely to stick to the plan, make positive behavioural changes and/or stay motivated when you work towards achieving your own goals, rather than those that someone else proposes.

So what is Health Coaching?

Health coaching focuses on wellness and the whole person’s life and health rather than pathology and is based on the needs, values, and priorities of the client.

What are the benefits of Health Coaching that my clients have identified?

·         It facilitates goals attainment and performance enhancement 

·         It unravels attitudes and judgement towards own feelings, decisions and behaviours

·         It helps one to understand new ways to approach the world 

·         It brings clarity and increases self- awareness

·         It supports better decision making 

·         It brings accountability to your actions

·         It improves outcomes of health efforts

·         It improves your life quality

·         It focuses on solutions, not problems

·         You get to identify your unique core values

·         It encourages creativity and thinking outside the box 

·         It helps you understand the power of beliefs and how they can hold you back from moving forward with your personal and professional life goals

·         It will help you to set positive, realistic, specific and time-framed goals


Why do we believe that coaching can shift your performance toward the top performance and help you to get where you want to be and who you want to be?

Daria was accredited L7 Life Coach and her qualifications are recognised by the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring ( IAPC&M). She has been using coaching in her professional health and fitness practice since 2014 when she graduated from Achievement Specialist. Daria’s interest in coaching has started many years back when she was just 15 years old. 


“ I was an aspiring handball player fulfilling my dream of being a professional player. I had a huge motivation to achieve top goals I had set myself. I wanted to play at the Olympics. I always had that inner drive and I always felt unstoppable. I did not need any external stimulation for more drive, all was inside me. However, one day when I was 15 years old, I have read a book by Anthony Robbins - “ Awaken the Giant within” and that was the moment! … Many years after I finished my professional journey the giant has awaken and now I just want to teach you what I know about top performance and failure and how you can be what you want when you are ready to change from inside out”. 


Health coaching is a process which empowers you to choose the topic of discussion, create your action plan and be accountable to achieve expected results.  You have all the resources within you to create the life and health you want you only need to allow yourself to access all the possibilities and be ready for a change.

Before - During - After your coaching session.

BEFORE your coaching session you will be sent an online coaching form that will include a “Goals of the Heart “coaching chart. This will ask you to explore your aims for health, wealth, family, relationship, contribution, spiritual life, career, playtime and fun and other areas of life that may need attention.

DURING your session, the coach will use the I CAN DO model. This coaching model is flexible and easy to apply. It is focused on overall life aims and can be used for setting and evaluating the outcomes of a session. Essentially, it follows the below steps:

I -Investigate what is important to you in your life

C - What is your current life situation

A - What are your life aims

N - What is the Number of alternative ways of achieving those aims

D – By what Date do you want to achieve those aims

O - What are the Outcome achievement indicators

The I CAN DO model can be used on each individual aim or goal.  Generally, a coaching session will last 60 minutes. The Life coaching program is scheduled over 12 weeks. Every two weeks you will meet your coach either one-to-one or online. You are accountable to attend each session/call your coach at the set time. 

AFTER each coaching meeting, you will have two weeks to implement the program /plan that has been set during the session. Your coach will be more than happy to hear from you regarding your progress, being it positive or negative. You can drop him/her a short update via email. Remember that coaching is not about looking for problems but about finding solutions. Hence, any failure is also welcome. Indeed, initial failure is an inevitable element of success and growth. 


What are the coaching standards at Daria Tiesler Wellness?

Our coaching standards, listed below, have been set by the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring.

·         Being accountable

·         Keeping accurate records

·         Communicating effectively

·         Being honest and trustworthy

·         Delivering exceptional client care

·         Protecting the rights of the client

·         Practising safely within the scope of practice

·         Establishing and maintaining public trust and confidence within the industry.

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