… Disease is defined on the basis of the principal organ system where symptoms and signs manifest, and in which gross anatomic pathology and histopathology are correlated. […]

While quite useful in earlier times, classifying disease in this way overgeneralizes pathophenotypes, does not take into consideration susceptibility states or preclinical disease manifestations, and cannot be used to individualize disease diagnosis or therapy (1)

Here is where Functional Medicine comes to aid. It is essentially a process where disease can move forward and backwards in a time frame, taking into consideration the individual genome, environment, diet and lifestyle.

The functional medicine model moves away from a histopathological definition of disease that classifies a patient’s dysfunction into a limited number of descriptors. Instead, it supports a postgenomic definition of disease, which is based on the unique nature of how the person’s genome interacts with the environment and their lifestyle.(4)


After years of experience with different clients and illnesses, I know that a holistic approach to medicine and personalization are key.  Functional medicine is a whole-body system approach that aims to identify the root causes of chronic disease, adds a client story to it, and supports it with clinical application and scientific literature.

Imagine your health journey is a stair to fulfilment and happiness. No embellishment here! How many of us can enjoy life, stay motivated and positive when their health is poor? Understanding how many steps you managed to climb or descend, how long this process was, what your body’s abilities are, what determined you to take certain actions, what is stopping you from climbing further, these are all going to help us address any issues and help you reach the top and stay there forever.

Once we have all the necessary tools to create a personalised program that considers client genetics, sleep, diet, and lifestyle, we can finally teach you how to make lasting behavioural changes that support reaching optimum health. My interest is in preventative medicine and the restoration of the body’s functions using natural, sustainable approaches.

Functional Medicine can be increasingly helpful in today’s world because of many conditions that have unknown structural and organic causes such as:

chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, interstitial cystitis, benign prostatic hypertrophy, posttraumatic stress syndrome, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder, autistic spectrum disorder, multiple chemical sensitivity, premenstrual syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, metabolic syndrome, essential hypertension, cognitive decline syndrome, non-ulcer dyspepsia, non cardiac chest pain, and atopy.


 Many times, our clients come to us displaying more than one of the above. They visit our clinic searching for an innovative solution to their health problem as, very often, they had not find the answer through disease management and medication protocols. Our clients had chosen that path as the first way of support. However, despite long-term, multiple treatments and symptoms management techniques, chronic and lifestyle-related conditions either had not improved at all or had slightly got better initially, while other areas of life and health worsened. 

We must not forget that health, as defined by the World Health Organisation, is not a lack of disease but a state of complete physical, mental and social well- being. 

In 2015, The World Health Organisation predicted that 85% of all deaths were actually linked to a chronic disease such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, injuries, communicable, maternal, perinatal or nutritional deficiencies in the United Kingdom. By 2025 is predicted that 89% of deaths can be linked to chronic disease. There are too many lives that can be saved and too many families at risk to lose their relatives because of chronic disease that can be prevented through lifestyle choices such as a healthy diet, physical activity and smoking cessation (6). 


Our vision at Daria Tiesler Wellness is to promote a model of evolving healthcare that is predictive, preventative, personalized and participatory and focuses on optimisation of health of the individual and the community.

The problem is that, despite integrative medical treatments being in more demand, there still is stigma around them. The most common misconception is that functional and integrative medicine are not science-based and that their clinical application does not correspond to medical literature.

In the end, there is always going to be criticism and resilience to innovative approaches. People must understand that improving the health of our society and lowering the pandemic of chronic disease as soon as possible is essential.

 Looking at the achievements of functional, integrative, anti-ageing and regenerative medicine in USA and Australia (8, 9) , I feel confident that the vision of Daria Tiesler Wellness encourages the correct path to health.

Indeed, our goal is to make the service available to everyone and, luckily enough, the availability of video calls, chats, emails and so on allows us to stay in touch with clients from all over the world.

 At the end of the day, there is plenty of scientific data to prove that the right nutrition, physical exercise, optimum sleep and personal hygiene, relaxation through breathing, sun exposure, smoking and alcohol cessation are the best lifestyle practices to prevent the incidence of chronic disease. 

Our wish is that one day, different medical, healthcare and integrative professionals will master a way to collaborate. Ultimately, we all have only one common goal: to create health for each individual and the environment that he or she lives in.

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