1. What is unique about Daria Tiesler Functional Medicine's approach?

Daria’s solution is result driven focusing on both short term and long term goals. She aims to dig deep and find out what has prevented you from achieving your goals in the past. She looks for the root problems and resolves them so that you can succeed time and time again. The programmes she designs require honesty, determination and a focus on outcomes. Daria Tiesler will not rest until you meet your aims. If you are looking for a quick fix or cutting corners to meet your goals,  Daria's programme may not be the one for you.
Daria's method is unique because she believes that you come from love and now is the time to begin looking after yourself and to take control of your life and who you really are.
Daria's methods are authentic from top to bottom and from the root to spirit.

2. What do I have to expect from working with Daria Tiesler Functional Medicine?

Daria’s passion is to help others gain health, happiness and challenge the way you look at yourself and your life right now. Through her own life experiences, she has learned that we are all different and respond to our environments in different ways. She always supports the clients by bringing new strategies into their life and helping implement these strategies. If you ever have been fearful or disappointed with your previous experiences with nutritionist, health coaches, life coaches or personal trainers, Daria will aim to bring back faith in her profession.

3. How to book a Daria Tiesler Functional Medicine service?

So quick and easy. Please go Contact and follow the instructions. After you submit your form, Daria will contact you within 48 hours.

4.  Can I do a consultation over Skype?

Of course you can. Most of my clients are very busy professionals; often running their own business and Daria wants to make the process of consultations as easy as possible. On the booking page, just choose the Skype option for whatever you would like to do.

5. What are the prices for Daria Tiesler Functional Medicine's services?

Daria's services are bespoke programs combining personal training with health coaching and functional medicine nutrition. Therefore, different clients may require different amounts of collaboration. Still, we are very flexible and we always aim to make the service as accessible as possible. Please go to the Contact page and briefly explain how I might be able to help you.