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Our Philosophy

Being healthy does not require sacrifice. Being healthy is meant to make you feel complete, to give you the energy to live your life at its fullest. Our clients enjoy their journey, they learn how each area of their life contributes to their wellness and overall success. No unexplored supplementation, no fad diets, no overexercising, and no frustration. We want you to find your balance, uncover your power to "move mountains", and get your health back once and forever. Nutrition is fuel and medicine. Exercise makes you strong and supports your hormonal health; it should not drain you, it should not waste half of your day. Mindfulness and relaxation help you identify your goals and easily stay loyal to them. Supplements are just an extra touch and it often becomes just a waste of money if not addressing the root cause of your health problems. It is all a big puzzle and it never works without seeing the big picture. Our contribution? Extensive experience (over 10000 hours) in successfully assembling such puzzles.


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We make health  accessible by offering various plans to meet your needs and fit with your daily lifestyle.  We create personalised health and weight loss solutions that address every aspect of your life; from nutrition to lifestyle changes, from genetics to hormones, to weight loss, digestive health problems and chronic diseases.

Your journey starts with a detailed review of your health and life history to help us create an accurate picture of what is happening within your whole self.

We focus on holistic health and body - mind transformation. No magic pill, no 6-week challenge or quick fix. We support you all the way through , so you can live your most vibrant and intuitive life.

After years of no periods and hormone imbalances, 6 weeks of supplements and support from Daria changed what no doctor ever could. I got my periods back and hormones balanced, all on natural, good quality products. Daria also goes above and beyond for her clients and pays interest to your overall well-being. I finally feel like a woman again!
Samantha Wright
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much more than just a health professional


We do not follow strict service guidelines. We adapt each and every customer experience to the individual case. Our clients do not wait for months to get an appointment, they do not follow standardized plans, they do not feel alone during their journey and are not judged for being worried regarding their progress. Our clients receive prompt online and in person support. They feel free to share their thoughts, they learn to understand and nourish their body. Our clients feel part of a large, friendly and empowering family.


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Our Office

2 Harley Street
W1G 9PB London
United Kingdom

The clinic is 10 minutes away from Oxford Circus underground station